Our Company

We are the Greek Golden Visa experts!

Prime Synergy was founded in 2013 concurrently with the birth of the Greek residency law 4146/2013. The company started from scratch with the personal effort from 2 people and long hours of work.

The initial idea and the scope of the company was (and still is) to be a service provider that will offer a seamless experience to the “investment immigration” customers. To be a service provider that will incorporate all necessary services from A to Z, before and after the property transaction.

To be able to guarantee the service level of our associates. Thus, we do not allow our customers to deal directly with real estate experts, lawyers, notaries or accountants. We have a team of people with very distinct and autonomous tasks. Our people who manage each customer’s project, coordinate the tasks and deliverables. The customer has only one point of reference. To be a service provider that will only present results and not just specialists.

Prime Synergy was founded on a commitment to professionalism and customer service, which means that we are always there to answer your questions and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Our goal is to guarantee an optimal property ownership experience, providing services that go beyond the buying and selling of real estate. Our expertise lies in presenting property to citizens of countries outside the European Union who plan to acquire property in Greece in order to take advantage of a law offering residency to those willing to spend at least €250.000 in property.

Alongside the selection process, we offer a wide array of services providing essential support to our clients before and after the purchase of the property. In this way, we secure our clients’ peace of mind, laying the ground for their smooth integration in the Greek reality.

The backbone of our company are its professionals: Civil engineers, architects, lawyers, accountants, all with more than adequate experience in the procedures leading to the successful completion of the purchase cycle and the issuance of the residency permit.

Our mission however does not end here. Through a package of after sale services, we cover every need that will eventually arise concerning the new property, from home decoration to cleaning, maintenance, as well as the possibility of renting the property.


Attracted funds in the Greek economy

> 1,000

Potential investors visited our company

> 400

Residency permits issued

> 150

Properties under management


Residency application success rate


Countries with local representation

What Makes Us Different

  • We pursue a very strict policy regarding property selection.  We check the property and the seller for possible legal and technical problems before we introduce the property to the market. We aim for quality, not quantity. We evaluate the property based on our outstanding “Property rating scheme”.
  • We offer a guaranteed income for selected properties.
  • We offer a “one stop shop”. All necessary services before and after the completion of the acquisition are covered fully by our company’s human resources and we bear full responsibility for the project.
  • We guarantee the total investment cost from the very beginning. We sign a “total cost guarantee” agreement with our customers.
  • We offer renovation services with the most competitive rates on the market, including the provision of furniture and equipment.
  • We offer buy-back services where we opt for an agreement on a specific amount and timeframe.

Our Business Principles

  • We identify and anticipate the needs of our customers and take initiatives that exceed their expectations.
  • We act as Ambassadors of Goodwill, always speaking positively about our industry.
  • We believe that our individual performance affects everyone’s success.
  • We strongly believe that the customers are the reason for our company’s existence and the relationships we build with them guide our success.
  • We hold ourselves accountable to our responsibilities and commitments.
  • We are committed to personal growth, professional development and innovation.
  • The best interests of our customers and partners always come first, placing customers’ concerns ahead of our own in each and every transaction. We offer high-quality services and a strong commitment to work hard, listen and offer results


How We Promote Ourselves

We run a very informative and regularly updated website, and we give great importance to our social media presence. Our Facebook page is followed by 70,000 people, while our social profiles on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have achieved remarkable growth.

We regularly participate on popular immigration and real estate international expos and we travel a lot to conduct roadshows to promote our company to potential clients on one-to-one meetings and further develop our network of partners.

As a result…

We receive on average 1000 monthly inquiries on the Greek residency program, while more than 200 potential investors visit our offices every year. Seven years after our company’s foundation, we cannot but feel proud about what has been achieved:

  • We have met more than 1500 potential investors from over 30 countries
  • We have developed a network of 70 partners in 22 countries and our customers come from 24 countries
  • We have issued more than 350 residency permits with success rate of 100%, which means not a single rejection
  • Our customers have injected more than 25,000,000€ in the Greek economy
  • We manage a portfolio of more than 150 properties
  • We fully represent all our customers in their required dealings in Greece