The Process, What You Need To Know

Start your journey to “investment immigration” with a trip to Greece, to view the available properties and learn all the details about the Greek residency law.

During your stay, our team will explain the programme and guide you through the steps that are required in order to become a property owner and a resident in Greece with all family members.
Three to four days of stay are enough at this stage. We need one day to explain the programme and decide on the property tour. One to two more days to visit the properties. If you are in a position to decide, we need one more day to complete the 4 initial steps.

1. Sign the total cost analysis agreement

The cost analysis agreement is the guarantee we offer for the total cost of the investment. By total cost, we mean the property and all associated fees, taxes, and expenses. Our project is completed with you being a property owner and resident in Greece with your family members.


2. Open a Greek bank account

You need a Greek bank account to transfer your funds to Greece and pay for the property and various costs. You also need a Greek bank account to receive a possible rental income and pay your bills and taxes.

3. Sign a power of attorney agreement

The power of attorney agreement allows us to represent you in all stages of the project (Tax ID number, property transfer etc.) so that you will need to visit again Greece only to submit the biometric data for the residency application.


4. Pay a small commitment deposit

When you have made a choice and signed the cost analysis agreement, we will ask you to pay a small deposit. This deposit is your commitment to the investment, used by our company to put the process in motion.

Requirements from the applicant

Before you make your visit you need to prepare and send the required documents for opening a Greek bank account. While planning your trip, our people will guide you on the document preparation.

An important step in your residency permit application, are the documents proving family ties. Marriage certificate for the spouse, birth certificates for the children. These documents will be required at least one month prior to the residency applications.

To visit Greece, you will need a valid visa. See here more info on the visa issuance.

Payment Terms

Soon after you leave Greece, you will be required to pay a deposit of 10% following the signing of the property sales pre-agreement and receiving a full legal check report from our legal team, proving that the property is clear and ready to be transferred.

After the deposit, we will prepare and sign the sales contract. You need to have the property funds available in your Greek account and pay the amount for the government and service fees, five days before the transfer contract.


The whole project will be completed approximately six months after the date you decide on the property. This timeframe depends primarily on the workload of the public services involved. Note that we interact with banks, tax authorities, social security services, land registry, among others.

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