The Greek Residency Services

Before you visit

For our potential customers who need a visa to travel to Greece, we offer consultation and support services assisting the applicant to provide all required documents to the Greek embassy.

We accompany the application with a letter of invitation. The most important factor for visa clearance is completing the required documents.

What we do in detail :

  • Consultation for visa and required documents.
  • Document evaluation.
  • Issuance of a bilingual invitation letter attested by the authorities.
  • Communication and follow-up with the Greek embassy.

For more information, check out our guide on how to issue a visa to visit Greece

Property Purchase Services

The selection of real estate for sale is based on very strict criteria. We guarantee that each piece of property is fully legitimate with all relevant documents (building permits, titles of ownership, architectural blueprints, energy certificates etc).

From that point on, our technical department takes action. A team of civil engineers will perform a thorough examination of each property in order to ascertain its general condition, its static standards and possibly suggest repairs that will improve its chances for selection.

The findings of the technical department then go to the appraisal committee which on the basis of the engineers’ report and other data (location, age of the property, etc) will discuss the issue of pricing with the owner.

It is our policy not to represent properties that we deem either overpriced or not fulfilling the criteria of fair commercial value.

In the happy occurrence that you find the property of your dreams and are willing to move ahead with a purchase, our specialists are ready to guide you step by step on the following services:

  • Offer consultation on the methods of payment for the property.
  • Evaluation of the required documents to open a Greek bank account.
  • Issue on your behalf a Greek Tax Identification Number (TIN).
  • Deal with the opening of a Greek bank account.
  • Offer consultation on completing the transaction by proxy.
  • Arrange the signing process and provide translation services for Power of Attorney.

Once the above tasks are dealt with, our legal department takes over and proceeds as follows:

  • it double-checks the ownership titles of the property in the Land Registry Office and the Cadastral Registry.
  • it checks that all necessary certificates for the purchase meet the required legal standards.
  • it proceeds with all required notary deeds and agreements for the completion of the purchase.
  • it coordinates all parties involved to assure the timely completion of the transaction.
  • it registers your property at the appropriate Land and Cadastral Registry Offices.
  • it collects all original ownership documents and delivers them to you.

Residency Permit Services

greek residency permit services

Upon completion of the purchase procedure, we proceed with the necessary actions for the issuance of your Greek residence permit the soonest possible.

Our company undertakes the entire issuance process, from beginning to end. Your sole task is to provide us with the required certificates for you and your family and travel to Greece to submit your biometric data to the residency permit office.

  • We prepare the file with all required documentation for the issuance of the residency permit.
  • We set an appointment for the review of your application.
  • We submit the application to the public authorities and collect the temporary permit.
  • We follow the course of your application until the issuance of the final residency permit.
  • We deliver the Greek Golden Visa to you and your family.

Our residency permit services cover all types of applications, such as initial issuance, loss, replacement, renewal, or change of category. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

After-Sale Services

Buying a property abroad and maintaining it in good condition, are two very different things. As soon as the transfer of the paperwork is completed, you are the proud owner of a new property. However, whether you decide to spend a considerable amount of time in Greece or not, you definitely need to deal with certain tasks.

Prime Synergy | Greek residency offers a “one-stop package deal” of services that will make your life a lot easier. After the property purchase, we offer the new owner our “Basic move-in package”:

  • We inspect the property to ensure everything is up to standard and operating.
  • We ensure all keys are available and gather all the required information for the smooth operation of the property (utilities, appliances, etc.).
  • We set up utility services (electricity, water, heating, telephony/ Internet) and all arrangements to make the property ready for use.
  • We provide consultation on how to improve your property and assist you in order to implement your decisions, in tasks like the installation of electric appliances, light fittings, and extra equipment like sunshades for the verandas.
  • We advise on property insurance and complete all necessary documentation when required.
  • Upon completion of the “Basic move-in package”, we offer a detailed report with all the required information to make your new property functional.

Please note that with a fixed monthly fee, we pay the bills on your behalf and conduct a monthly inspection to make sure everything is in order.

If you don’t plan on personally using your new property for certain periods, you may be willing to rent it, an option that helps to cover property taxes, maintenance, and utility costs.

We offer the following rental management services:

  • We advertise the property and handle the communication with interested parties via phone or email.
  • We show the property to candidates (average viewings: 30 visitors before a successful agreement).
  • We perform a thorough check of the potential tenant’s financial credibility.
  • We prepare the lease agreement and after the signatures, we submit a copy to the tax office.
  • We offer move-in support for the new tenant and we make sure that all utility bills are under the tenant’s name.
  • We represent the property owner at the building owners’ meetings.
  • We conduct regular home inspections and monitor the rental payments.

With a small extra fee, we offer full legal coverage if and when needed. For example, you may decide to evict an unreliable tenant.

Greek Residency Tax Accounting Services

As a property owner in Greece, there are certain regulations you have to comply with. Our tax/ accounting package of services, covers all tax matters according to your needs. Your annual obligation is to file an Annual tax report and pay the taxes accrued.

We offer the following tax & accounting services:

  • We submit the income tax declaration report.
  • We pay income & annual taxes on your behalf.
  • We submit the property ownership report.
  • We submit the lease contract of your property to the tax authorities.
  • We keep your property’s information up to date in the tax office records.
  • We issue a property record number for short term leases.
Greek residency renovation services

Inhabited for at least 5000 years, the city of Athens can rightly claim the title of the oldest city in Europe. This does not mean that properties in Athens trace their origin so far back, but its real estate market has a lot of old properties to show.

If you choose an old piece of property, our renovation and remodeling services package will be of great help. We are experienced in all types of remodeling projects, be it a complete overhaul or just cosmetic repairs.
We are in a position to take full charge of a project from the very start to its completion and we coordinate the various technical crews working on the project.

Our renovation & remodeling services include:

  • Hacking of walls to enlarge or connect existing rooms.
  • Replacement of old window frames.
  • Hacking and re-installing new flooring (laminate, vinyl, parquet, tiles).
  • Complex carpentry installations.
  • Design customization to fit customers’ requirements.
  • Our experienced team of craftsmen, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, tilers, plasterers and decorators, all at your service!