Why Prefer Our Developments?

Published November 1, 2020

Why prefer our developments over a third party property?

Read every reason below.

  1. Because our investments are selected carefully, focusing on the foreign investor’s interest. We search for buildings in good condition and centrally located. Having completed hundreds of successful transactions, we know that most of our clients are not interested in using the property. They are looking for a high-income property, with low-cost maintenance and a profitable reselling value.
  2. Because our properties are fully legitimate with all relevant documents in order  (building permits, titles of ownership, architectural blueprints, energy certificates etc.)  and ready to be transferred to the next owner.
  3. On top of this, we provide a “property health report” by our accredited legal team,  proving that they are 100% legitimate and licensed, guaranteeing a smooth transaction.
  4. Because our properties are fully owned by our company and carry no loans. This means that:- We do not need the creditor’s permission to sell. This is a long process and may take up to 2 months to secure the acceptance certificate from the bank.
    We do not need a clearance report from the bank after the property transfer. This is a certificate from the bank -required by the residency authorities- proving that the loan was paid in full and the deed can be transferred to the new owner.
    We do not need a clearance report from the bank after the property transfer in order to register the new owner’s name to the land registry. In total, we conserve around 60% of time in the sale procedure compared to the market average.
  5. Because our properties are always double-checked (once at the property purchase and secondly at the property sale) both from internal and external professionals. This fully guarantees that no issues will arise on the way, not solely ownership issues, but issues relevant to the legality of the construction, property taxation, municipality taxation,  etc.
  6. Because we control the issuance of all required documents for the property purchase in the fastest and most efficient method.
  7. Finally, last but not least, because we offer guaranteed returns (for selected properties).

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